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Radisson Blu: Where Style Meets Service

Radisson Blu is an internationally renowned hotel brand, renowned for excellence and attentive service, with over 200 hotels in more than 60 countries worldwide. 


In Ireland, Radisson Blu stands out for its elegant and refined establishments, offering guests an unforgettable experience.

To meet Radisson Blu's needs, it was essential to design uniforms that respected the hotel's sophisticated and modern brand image.


The designs had to reflect elegance and professionalism, in perfect harmony with the hotel's visual identity. The uniforms were made from high-quality materials that would retain their appearance and shape despite intensive use.


Taking into account the different departments within the hotel, a range of uniforms was developed to suit each role, while maintaining visual consistency for the whole team.

Bensons designs various uniforms for Radisson Blu, including maintenance uniforms.

These uniforms are made from high quality, stain resistant and easy to clean materials.


They offer great freedom of movement and are designed to be comfortable, with ergonomic cuts and breathable materials. In addition to their functionality, the uniforms reflect the elegance and professionalism of Radisson Blu, with modern and elegant designs.


Thanks to their durability, these uniforms have a long service life, reducing replacement costs.


Employees benefit from comfortable and well-fitting clothing, improving their satisfaction and efficiency at work, while contributing to a professional appearance that reinforces the positive perception of customers.

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